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Yin-Yang Symbol

Taoism's Dance Of Opposites


The Yin-Yang Symbol is one you're probably already familiar with. It represents Taoism's way of understanding opposites, e.g. masculine/feminine, light/dark.
Yin-Yang Symbol

The Yin-Yang Symbol: Dance Of Opposites

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To learn more about various aspects of the Yin-Yang Symbol, and the Taoist philosophy that it represents, I recommend the following essays:

Introduction To The Yin-Yang Symbol. A look at what makes Taoism's approach to working with opposites - as a fluid and ever-shifting "dance of opposites" - such a liberating one.

Gender & The Tao. A closer look at the masculine/feminine polarity, and the role of women in Taoist practice.

Polarity Processing Techniques. Specific practices - utilizing journaling and meditation - to help us relate to opposites in the way suggested by the Yin-Yang Symbol.

Taoist Cosmology. How do Yin & Yang relate to qi (chi), the Tao, and the Five Elements? This is Taoism's story of the creation and maintenance and continuous transformation of the universe.

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