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No end to this mystery .... which perhaps has never asked for an answer, but simply invites us to dance?

Wonder & Awe
Taoism Spotlight10

Two Infinities

A honey-bee offers a Dharma talk.

Peach Blossom Spring

Chinese poet Tao Qian lived in the late 4th and early 5th centuries, and was known for his love of chrysanthemums. Here he plays with peach blossoms.

A Caterpillar’s Thought Experiment

Imagine … you are a caterpillar. Perhaps a plain green one, or perhaps you’re sporting fancy spots or stripes: green, black, orange ...

Sounds, Swords, Sonnets

The thrust and parry of conceptual mind, with its foil of language -- and Manjushri's sword of Wisdom. Where, if at all, do they meet?

Elementary, My Dear Watson

From childhood games of hide-and-seek and treasure-hunt, to Shakespearean tragedies and the detective-work of Sherlock Holmes -- we do love a mystery!

Ghost In The Machine: Adventures In Ghostwriting

Some thoughts on ghostwriting, in light of the Taoist notion of wuwei -- and a guided meditation inviting an exploration of the referent of "I." Enjoy!

The Perfection Of A Poem

What makes a poem perfect?

The Sound Of Water

I’ve been relishing, as of late, a tiny little book called The Pocket Haiku: a recently-published collection of English translations of Basho, Buson, Issa and a scattering of other Japanese masters ...

Qi Transmission via Braco

Thanks to a generous gift, the live-stream sessions with Croatian healer Braco are being offered free of charge to all who are interested, from June 6-14 2014. To participate, simply go to: https://braco-europe.tv/ -- Enjoy!


in death I lose a body and He will lose my phantasies of Him I go shirtless  to this lovemaking my body becomes all

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