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Universal Body Of Tao

If we can relax our existing body-images, we become like a painter with a blank canvas, or a filmmaker -- able creatively to project/paint images of any sort that we’d like. If our intention is to re-member our body as the Body of Tao, it’s useful to project images evocative of the infinite spaciousness and infinite creativity of the Tao ...

Re-membering Our True Proportions
Taoism Spotlight10

Just Because

Sunday April 13, 2014


alone on a rock
crimson and alive with song:
spring robin in snow



Saturday April 12, 2014

A couple days ago, I was riding my bicycle on a city path which runs along a shallow aqueduct:  a narrow creek-like channel, through which mountain-water flows. It's not uncommon to see ducks and geese hanging out near or in this little creek. What caught my eye, however, on this particular day -- and registered as a bit odd, if not downright silly -- was a single duck, traveling down the creek not by floating or by swimming, but rather by walking: step-by-step wading through the water.

This brought a quizzical smile to my face, as I thought, "how strange! ... that a creature well-equipped to both swim and fly, would choose instead to walk like that through the water." Was it part of the duck's exercise regimen, I wondered -- a new water-aerobics routine, perhaps? Did the duck have a little bit too much champagne, temporarily clouding his judgment? Or maybe the duck was going through some kind of adolescent rebellion against more conventionally duck-ish modes of transport? Or engaged in a new form of walking meditation?

What, upon further reflection, seemed more likely,

The Flower's Deepest Heart

Thursday April 10, 2014


How pliant the body
When the sun
Suddenly appears --
Each cell turning as one

Like the gleaming shoal
Or swift-spiralling cloud
Of birds and fish
Moving in unison.

How every leaf and stem
Lifts upward,
Drawn to the the light,
And every petal opens --

The flower's deepest heart
Thirsty for radiance,
And beating now
With the same slow pulse as the sun.

How, once suffused with heat
And luminous, each cell
At dusk yearns for noon --
In the darkness, remembers you.

~ Heather Allen


Beads Of Liquid Life

Monday April 7, 2014


Imagine being common, crow-common,
Lupine-common, an oak surrounded by dry
Wild grasses common.

One day, I cross a high school parking lot,
Common asphalt, meeting my common soles.
Before me, an explosion of gulls,
White as a bride's dress, shoot as one
Up, then spill over, a fountain pouring perfectly
Each bird, a bead of liquid life. Again,
They explode, shoot skyward and spill over
Again and again, threaded through by trails
Of blue-black crows, woven into the flying
Fabric by necessity, desire and instinct.

I comment to a man pushing a compost can,
Remark at the remarkable. He says, "Oh,
They do that every day. At lunch the students,
Leave behind bits of bread," treasures
From barely-noticed food, common fare eaten daily.

I want to be that common,
Common as the gulls, rising and descending,
And the crows, weaving their way
To the feast, that bread,
That common manna.

~ Rebecca del Rio


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