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No end to this mystery .... which perhaps has never asked for an answer, but simply invites us to dance?

Wonder & Awe
Taoism Spotlight10

A Caterpillar’s Thought Experiment

Imagine … you are a caterpillar. Perhaps a plain green one, or perhaps you’re sporting fancy spots or stripes: green, black, orange ...

Sounds, Swords, Sonnets

The thrust and parry of conceptual mind, with its foil of language -- and Manjushri's sword of Wisdom. Where, if at all, do they meet?

Elementary, My Dear Watson

From childhood games of hide-and-seek and treasure-hunt, to Shakespearean tragedies and the detective-work of Sherlock Holmes -- we do love a mystery!

Ghost In The Machine: Adventures In Ghostwriting

Some thoughts on ghostwriting, in light of the Taoist notion of wuwei -- and a guided meditation inviting an exploration of the referent of "I." Enjoy!

The Perfection Of A Poem

What makes a poem perfect?

The Sound Of Water

I’ve been relishing, as of late, a tiny little book called The Pocket Haiku: a recently-published collection of English translations of Basho, Buson, Issa and a scattering of other Japanese masters ...

Qi Transmission via Braco

Thanks to a generous gift, the live-stream sessions with Croatian healer Braco are being offered free of charge to all who are interested, from June 6-14 2014. To participate, simply go to: https://braco-europe.tv/ -- Enjoy!

Snakes: Auspicious & Imaginary

An exploration of the Buddhist Two Truths via a Patrul Rinpoche text and the rope/snake metaphor.

Practice Notes: Projection, Pure Perception, Emanation

Thoughts on projection, pure perception and emanation in Taoist and Buddhist practice.

Creation & Completion

Thoughts on spiritual awakening: Is it a discovery, or a creation, or a remembrance?

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