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No end to this mystery .... which perhaps has never asked for an answer, but simply invites us to dance?

Wonder & Awe
Taoism Spotlight10

Pure As Darkness

Poems by Yun-k'an Tzu, along with the Sombrero Galaxy (in its purple robes).

The Tao Of Grooming Life

Liu I-Ming on oil lamps and such.

Suicide & Nondual Spiritual Inquiry

From a certain point of view, we could say that the physical body has never, in reality, been born. From another point of view, we can say that the physical body is, moment by moment, flashing into and out of existence. So what about the desire to fix this "flashing" permanently in the "off" position?

Good Will Hunting

A tribute to Robin Williams, from Laozi, Zhuangzi, Huineng & Shenxiu.

Notes On Taoist Meditation

What do the Emperor's New Clothes have to do with light bulbs and Taoist meditation?

Ten-Thousand Zip Files

Click to open.

Laozi, Einstein, Archimedes: Puzzling

Laozi, Einstein, Archimedes: puzzling about whether or not the Absolute perceives change.

To Guru Or Not To Guru

Some reflections on the role of spiritual teachers.

Two Infinities

A honey-bee offers a Dharma talk.

Peach Blossom Spring

Chinese poet Tao Qian lived in the late 4th and early 5th centuries, and was known for his love of chrysanthemums. Here he plays with peach blossoms.

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