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Get Your Feet Wet With These Simple & Enjoyable Practices!


Here's a sampling of some foundational practices, common to many systems of qigong practice, as well as a couple that are a bit more advanced. Whether you're brand new to Taoist practice, or have been at it for years, decades or lifetimes - these practices have the potential to benefit you in countless ways. Enjoy!
  1. Basics
  2. Going Deeper
  3. Supports For Practice


Six foundational Inner Alchemy practices: the Inner Smile, Standing Meditation, Walking Meditation, "Aimless Wandering," a practice to develop Witness Consciousness, and one to nourish the Snow Mountain energy-center.

Going Deeper

Additional practices to play with, as you gain experience with and confidence in the basic practices.

Supports For Practice

Guidance, support and inspiration for a Taoist practitioner.

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