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Forms of Taoist Practice

Rituals & ceremonies; the use of talismans and divination; techniques for calming the mind and strengthening the body; wandering in the mountains: many are the options for practice available to the Taoist initiate! And how does one choose? Some combination of intuition, availability and (if you're lucky) the guidance of an authentic Taoist Master.
  1. Baibai & the Taoist Altar (5)
  2. Body Cultivation (21)
  3. Chanting & Invocations (8)
  4. Divination Systems (9)
  5. Getting Started - Supports (6)
  6. Meditation (20)
  7. Practice Notes (20)
  8. Talismans (3)
  9. Taoist Retreat Experiences (20)
  10. The Importance of a Teacher (2)
  11. The Martial Arts (7)

Interest, Love & Celebration
Our Taoist practice stays fresh only if it is nourished by interest, love and celebration. How do we do this?

Kan & Li Practices: Alchemy Of Fire & Water
An introduction to Kan & Li (Water & Fire) Inner Alchemy practices -- through which an Immortal Fetus is formed.

Guide Review: EarthCalms Scalar Resonator
A Guide Review of EarthCalm's Scalar Resonator -- state of the art protection from man-made EMF's. The Scalar Resonator is worn as a necklace and, via it's scalar resonance technology, supports the body in re-establishing a grounding in the Earth's electro-magnetic field, which allows the immune system and meridian systems to function as...

Taoist Yogis & Yoginis
An illustrated introduction to the practice of Taoist yoga. Wonderful!

Tonic Gold Herbal/Alchemical Elixir - Spiritual Sunshine!
Tonic Gold is a potent alchemical formula, produced in India by the Hermetic alchemist Petri Murien. It's benefits are many, and a practitioner's discount is available.

Healing Waters - Hot Mineral Springs
Soaking in a natural hotspring is a wonderful way to relax, rejuvenate and heal our bodymind.

How Taoist Practice Nourishes Our Daily Life
How do the fruits of our Taoist practice enrich our daily life?

Booster Engines & Causeless Happiness
An exploration of two different kinds of happiness, that we can access via Taoist practice.

Taoist Precepts
A listing of the original Taoist precepts and vows, as recorded in the Lingbao scripture called "Red Writings And Jade Instructions."

The Inner Smile Practice
A look at the Taoist "Inner Smile" practice, and Thomas Myers' "Anatomy Trains" as paradigm shifts.

Authenticity, Authority & Devotion
In the context of Taoist practice, what is "authenticity," what is "authority," and what is "devotion"?

How Does Qigong Work?
An exploration of the mechanisms of qigong practice.

The Taoist Practice Of Bowing
What is the meaning and purpose of bowing, in the context of Taoist practice?

Moola Bandha: The Master Key
An introduction to the practice of Moola Bandha, which awakens the energy of the Snow Mountain/Golden Urn area at the base of the spine.

Addiction, Habit, & Ritual
A hallmark of Taoist practice is its emphasis on and celebration of naturalness and spontaneity. The way of cultivating a truly authentic naturalness, however, seems often to involve structured forms: rituals and disciplines of various sorts. Let's explore this paradox ...

Use The "Polarity Processing" & "Squares" Techniques
To access a balance and fluid Yin/Yang "dance of opposites" requires that we make conscious both sides of all mental polarities. The Polarity Processing techniques are a tool for doing this.

Index Of Taoism Articles
A guided introduction to this Taoism website.

Lab-Grown Diamonds & The Immortal Body
An introduction to lab-grown diamonds – also known as cultivated, cultured or synthetic diamonds – in relation to Taoist Inner Alchemy, vibrational healing, and the cultivation of the Diamond Body. Cultivated diamonds diamonds posses all the optical, chemical and physical properties of natural diamonds. In other words, they are basically...

Benefits Of Qigong
Qigong practice has many benefits: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Shaolin Monk Rain Demonstration
A stunning demonstration of Shaolin martial arts forms - one example of Taoist "body cultivation" practices - performed outside in a gentle rain. A must see!!

What Meditation Really Is
A lovely short video-introduction to meditation, by the Tibetan Buddhist teacher Sogyal Rinpoche. Enjoy!

Meditation FAQ
What is meditation? Why should we meditate? What are the different kinds of meditation? Is it important to have a teacher? Are there meditation techniques that are common to many different spiritual traditions? What are some good suggestions for beginners? What kinds of experiences can we expect? Are there dangers? Samdhang Rinpoche answers these and more.

The Great Heavenly Circuit - Qigong Practice
Here's a powerful qigong practice, with nice instructions on how to begin practicing yourself!

Elixir Qigong
A simple powerful qigong practice to cultivate jing (reproductive energy).

Ziyi Zhang vs. Michelle Yeoh
This fight scene from "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" highlights the use of the sword and other weapons in Taoist martial arts practice, and reminds us that it's not only men that become Masters of these art-forms!

Tree Healing Qigong Practice
Learn to exchange energy with a tree, for your mutual benefit ... so pleasant!

In David Parsons' "Caught," the skillful coordination of a strobe-light with the dancer's leaps creates the illusion of flight. Notice the qigong and taiji-like movements at the beginning - a way of gathering energy for the flight. Can you find Taoist cosmology within this performance? (Hint: What's the relationship between the seen and the unseen? Who or what is "caught"?)

Transferring the Consciousness
For the Taoist practitioner, the dying process can be a great opportunity. Here, we see Master Hongyi - immediately following this transition - looking as joyful and serene as someone taking an afternoon nap. So much to learn from this image!

Sitting Meditation Posture
Sitting Meditation is an important part of Taoist practice.

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