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Becoming a Taoist

"Becoming a Taoist" can mean many things. It might simply mean tuning in, a little more closely, to the elemental rhythms found in the natural world, in order to appreciate more deeply your place in the web of life. It could mean joining a Taoist temple, and participating in various rituals and ceremonies. Or it could mean apprenticing yourself to a Taoist Master - receiving instruction, perhaps, in the arts of Inner Alchemy.

Five Simple Lifestyle Recommendations Supportive of Taoist Practice
It's actually quite easy to maintain radiant good health, peace of mind, and a joyful feeling of contentment with our lives and the universe within which we live - all of which are important supports for (as well as the fruit of) Taoist practice.

Keeping The One
An introduction to the Taoist practice of Holding The One -- resting in a union/identity with Tao.

Entering the Path of Taoism
Several useful articles here about various ways of entering the path of Taoist practice/world-view.

We Hate Yoga
Reflections on childlike wisdom, non-conceptual knowing, and the sweetness of "just playing."

Taoism & Diet - The Lowdown On Grains
Which grains are best support for a Taoist qigong and meditation practice? In this essay, I suggest avoiding wheat and corn (which increasingly are GMO's) and increasing consumption of germinated brown rice, rye, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, barley and spelt.

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