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Basic Concepts & History


A guided tour through (1) Taoism's basic concepts - yin & yang, qi (chi), inner alchemy, the three treasures and much more; (2) its long history, originating in the shamanic cultures of ancient China, winding through the various dynasties, and ending in contemporary forms world-wide; and (3) how Taoism is related to poetry, gender, science, Christianity & Buddhism. Enjoy!
  1. Basic Concepts
  2. Taoist History
  3. Explorations

Basic Concepts

What is the tao? What is qi (chi)? What is baibai? What is inner alchemy? What are the three treasures and the five elements? What are daojia and daojiao?

Taoist History

Explore the history of Taoism, from its roots in the shamanic cultures of ancient China, through the dynasties and into our contemporary world.


More in-depth forays into a variety of Taoist topics, including gender and the Tao, Taoist poetry, nonviolence in Taoist practice, and several conversations between Taoism and Christianity, and between Taoism and Buddhism. Enjoy!

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