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Basic Principles of Taoism

What is the "Tao"? What is "qi"? What is "wu wei"? What makes Taoism unique among spiritual paths? What are the ways of becoming a Taoist?
  1. Becoming a Taoist (5)
  2. What Is Qi (Chi)? (7)
  3. What Is Wu Wei? (7)

Introduction To Taoism
In broad brush-strokes, paints a pictures of the landscape of Taoist practice: its rituals, ceremonies & systems of divination; its qigong & meditation practices; and its foundational text ~ the Daode Jing.

Index Of Taoism Articles
A guided introduction to this Taoism website.

E-Commerce: Enlightenment for Sale?
When we pay for spiritual teachings, what exactly is it that we're paying for?

Great Taoism Books For Beginners
These nine books -- about various aspects of Taoist practice -- have been sources of inspiration and support for my own practice; and I'm delighted to let you know about them. Each is appropriate for someone brand new to Taoism; and most have a kind of "timeless" quality that makes them valuable also to the most seasoned of Taoist practitioners. If you know of another beginning Taoist book that'…

Taoism & The Natural World
In relation to Taoist practice, what is "the natural world"?

Taoism Books For Beginners
Nine books that serve as great introductions to Taoist history and practice.

Daojia, Daojiao & Other Basic Taoist Concepts
Brief descriptions of Daojia, Daojiao, the Three Treasures, Bagua, Wu Wei, Gotto-Heavens & Wholesome Earths, and a number of other key Taoist concepts.

Tao: the pathless Way
An introduction to "Tao" - perhaps the most important, though also most elusive, principle of Taoism.

What Is Qi (Chi)?
In Taoism, the animating force behind all forms of life is qi (chi). In this article, we explore different forms of qi, and ways of training our perception in the direction of the vibratory nature of reality.

Taoist Cosmology
Taoism's story of the origin of the universe.

The Many Faces Of Taoism
An illustrated introduction to the many facets of Taoist practice, including ceremonial Taoism, the internal and external martial arts, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, Taoist divination techniques such as Fengshui and I-Ching, Taoist symbols such as the Yin-Yang symbol and the Nei Jing Tu, and Taoist Inner Alchemy (Neidan) practice.

Lanterns, New Flags & The Dance Of Mutual Enhancement
How the Yin-Yang Symbol supports us in relating to pairs of opposites as both/neither instead of either/or -- allowing us to dance within a paradigm of cooperation and mutual enhancement, instead of competition.

Wu Wei: the Action of non-action
An exploration of the Taoist concept of wu wei.

Alchemy In Taoist Practice
Introduces the two main forms - internal and external - that alchemy practice has taken in Taoism.

A Note On Transliteration: Pinyin & Wade-Giles Systems
Introduction to these two systems for Romanizing Chinese characters.

Qi (Chi): Various Forms Used In Qigong & Chinese Medicine
Explores the various forms of qi (chi) found within the human body, as used by acupuncturists and qigong/Inner Alchemy practitioners.

Five Simple Lifestyle Recommendations Supportive of Taoist Practice
It's actually quite easy to maintain radiant good health, peace of mind, and a joyful feeling of contentment with our lives and the universe within which we live - all of which are important supports for (as well as the fruit of) Taoist practice.

Taoism & Power
What is the relationship between spiritual and material power? What is the meaning of power within Taoist practice?

Eight Inspirational Books
Brief reviews of eight Taoist-related books that have been of great inspiration to me - and which you may enjoy also.

Taoist Studies, Martial Arts, Inner Alchemy & Chinese Medicine Glossaries
An introduction to five excellent Taoist Studies glossaries.

Homing Pigeons
A personal narrative pointing to issues of nonviolence in Taoist practice: complexity and compassion.

Alex Gray Painting: Theologue
A painting by visionary artist Alex Gray - "Theologue: The union of Human and Divine Consciousness ..." This work of art illustrates the flow of qi (life-force energy) both within and outside of the body; and how the "internal universe" and the "external universe" are intimately connected - which is one of Taoism's fundamental insights.

Mountains and Rivers Sutra: Belong to - Love Them
This short video by John Daido Loori is a beautiful portal into the "Mind of Tao" ...

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