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Fun With Photons: The Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser

By February 9, 2013

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Truly outstanding presentation here of the double-slit and the delayed choice quantum eraser experiments, along with a provocative explanation of both via the work of contemporary physicist Thomas Campbell. This video does a much more thorough job than the one I previously posted, of illustrating how the results of the delayed choice quantum eraser experiment, in particular, cannot be understood within a strictly Newtonian, materialistic world-view -- since they provide a direct challenge to Newtonian models of time and causality.

(The same information is available in text form here.)

As you watch the video, keep in mind: entangled particles are like sub-atomic Siamese twins, who -- even as they're separated by large or small distances -- share information instantaneously.

The results which confound a materialist interpretation are (in the language of the experimental set-up): the image recorded at D(0) -- of either an interference or a clumping pattern -- is based upon information (from the entangled particle) which, in terms of the 3D set-up of the experiment, becomes available only after the image is recorded. It's as though the photon arriving at D(0) is able to "look into the future" to determine whether it should present itself as a particle (via the clumping pattern) or as a wave (via the interference pattern). But how is this possible?! From a strictly materialist perspective, there simply is no explanation.

Check out the third section of the video for an alternative explanation, based upon the notion of a "meta-information" level, which is transcendent/prior to the level of three-dimensional appearances, and from which these appearances are projected, in a way that preserves consistency among all 3D events. Fascinating to consider ....

Questions now arising for me in relation to this alternative "virtual-reality" theory include:

* Is the "meta-information" level more-or-less the equivalent to what nondual spiritual traditions refer to as Pure Awareness, Consciousness, Buddha-Nature, Tao, Dharmakaya?

* Or: is this "meta-information" realm midway between, on the one hand, our conventional, "relative" 3D reality and, on the other hand, the "ultimate" realm of Pure Awareness etc. -- perhaps something like the realm of Plato's forms?

Anyway, good to keep in mind, also .... that taking on the notion that the appearances of our everyday world are a kind of "virtual reality" needn't imply that these appearances are "less real" in a nihilistic (dreary, hopeless, unimportant) sense. Rather, we could relate to this possibility via say, the Buddhist/Taoist notion of emptiness: that understanding appearances in this way actually frees them to appear in a fashion that is much more vibrantly "real" -- in the sense of being more fully transparent to and expressive of Reality, while at the same time more experientially vital and satisfying.

In other words, we (as human bodyminds) are not at the mercy of some meta-gamer -- conniving to torture us (avatars within the video-game) via his/her diabolical programming (which would simply be the information-theory version of an omnipotent theistic God). Rather, we -- as our True Self -- are none other than that gamer, just having some fun with photons .....


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