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Taoism: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
What Does the Yin-Yang Symbol Really Mean?
What is the meaning of the Taoist Yin-Yang symbol?
What Is the Taoist Concept of Wu Wei?
An exploration of the Taoist concept of wu wei.
What Do Taoists Mean When They Talk About Qi...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >What Is Qi (Chi)?
A Beginner's Guide to Taoism
In broad brush-strokes, paints a pictures of the landscape of Taoist practice: its rituals, ceremonies & systems of divination; its qigong & meditation practices; and its foundational text ~ the Daode Jing.
How Does Qigong Work?
An exploration of the mechanisms of qigong practice.
Daode Jing - Lionel Giles Translation (part 2)
Part 2 of Lionel Giles' translation of Laozi's Daode Jing. Page 4.
Benefits Of Qigong - Physical, Mental,...
Qigong practice has many benefits: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
Taoist Visual Symbols
An introduction to eight important Taoist visual symbols: the Yin-Yang symbol, the Taijitu, the Five-Elements chart, the Ba Gua, the Lo Pan compass, the He Tu and Luo Sho charts, the Neijing Tu, and the Guodian bamboo strips.
What Is the Meridian System in Taoism?
An overview of the meridian system - the network through which qi travels, to nourish and energize the human body.
How to Practice the 'Inner Smile'
Let your attention rest now right in the center of your brain. This is a place referred to in Taoism as the Crystal Palace.
An Introduction to the Eight Extraordinary...
The Eight Extraordinary Meridians represent the body's deepest level of energetic structuring.
Why Many Taoists Believe in the Healing Waters...
Soaking in a hotspring is one of the most enjoyable ways to initiate deep healing and rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit.
What Are the Three Treasures in Taoism?
An introduction to the Taoist Three Treasures: Jing (creative energy), Qi (life-force energy) and Shen (spiritual energy).
Ghost Festival - Zhongyuan Jie
The Ghost Festival (Zhongyuan Jie) is a traditional Chinese holiday and Taoist festival celebrated on the 15th night of the seventh lunar month.
What is acupuncture? What does it feel like to receive a treatment?
Flowing With The Tao
An exploration of Taoist notions of flow and continuity, through the lens of Buddhist and Hindu tantra.
How To Practice Standing Meditation
Standing Meditation is a simple yet very powerful tool for opening the flow of qi through the meridians.
Snakes: Auspicious & Imaginary
An exploration of the Buddhist Two Truths via a Patrul Rinpoche text and the rope/snake metaphor.
Cultivate Wu Wei by Practicing "Aimless...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >The Taoist practice
Projection, Pure Perception, Emanation
Thoughts on projection, pure perception and emanation in Taoist and Buddhist practice.
Major Festivals of Taoist Deities
These are the festivals celebrated in most Taoist temples ...
What Are the Five Elements in Taoism?
An introduction to the Five Element System used in Chinese Medicine, Qigong and other Taoist practices.
Yin-Yang Symbol
An introduction to the Yin-Yang symbol - Taoism's most well-know visual symbol, which is also known as the Taiji Symbol.
Internal Alchemy In Taoist Practice: An Overview
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Inner Alchemy
How Qi Flows Through the 12 Main Meridians
During each two-hour period of the day, qi is flowing strongest in one of the twelve main acupuncture meridians.
Ba Gua
An introduction to eight important Taoist visual symbols: the Yin-Yang symbol, the Taijitu, the Five-Elements chart, the Ba Gua, the Lo Pan compass, the He Tu and Luo Sho charts, the Neijing Tu, and the Guodian bamboo strips. Page 4.
How to Practice Walking Meditation
Walking Meditation is a wonderful way of turning something that we do every day into a deeply healing, deeply nourishing and enjoyable tool for our awakening.
Taoist Breathing Techniques: Abdominal,...
Three simple Taoist breathing practices which nourish the energy of the lower dantian, and are frequent components of qigong practice.
The Five Shen Of Chinese Medicine - Introduction
The Five Shen - Shen, Zhi, Yi, Hun and Po - are the spirits, or aspects of consciousness, associated with the five yin organs of Chinese Medicine and qigong practice.
Acupressure Treasures: Lao Gong -- Pericardium 8
An introduction to Lao Gong - the 8th point on the Pericardium meridian - used in acupressure, acupuncture and qigong healing.
Acupressure Treasures - Zu San Li - Stomach 36
An introduction to Zu San Li - the 36th point on the Stomach meridian - with instructions on how to locate and apply acupressure to this powerhouse point.
Glossary with Pinyin and Wade-Giles Translitera...
A Taoism glossary of common Taoist terms, in both pinyin and Wade-Giles transliterations, with short English definitions.
Major Taoist Holidays in 2015
The first of the major Chinese/Taoist holidays for the Gregorian 2015 calendar is the Laba Festival -- the official beginning of extended Spring Festival celebrations. The Laba Festival falls on January 27th -- which is actually the 8th day of the 12th lunar month of the previous (lunar) year. The Chinese New Year itself (the first of the major holidays) is not until February 19th.
Daojia, Daojiao & Other Basic Taoist Concepts
Brief descriptions of Daojia, Daojiao, the Three Treasures, Bagua, Gotto-Heavens & Wholesome Earths, and a number of other key Taoist concepts.
Acupressure Treasures: Yong Quan -- Gushing/Bub...
An introduction to Yong Quan -- Bubbling/Gushing Spring -- the first point on the Kidney meridian.
Emptiness In Taoism & Buddhism
A look at the way in which the term
Nei Jing Tu
An introduction to eight important Taoist visual symbols: the Yin-Yang symbol, the Taijitu, the Five-Elements chart, the Ba Gua, the Lo Pan compass, the He Tu and Luo Sho charts, the Neijing Tu, and the Guodian bamboo strips. Page 7.
Lo Pan Compass
An introduction to eight important Taoist visual symbols: the Yin-Yang symbol, the Taijitu, the Five-Elements chart, the Ba Gua, the Lo Pan compass, the He Tu and Luo Sho charts, the Neijing Tu, and the Guodian bamboo strips. Page 5.
Stage Two Of Qi Cultivation: Gathering Qi
In stage two of qi cultivation we learn how to gather qi as nourishment for our bodymind.
Guide Review: Elizabeth’s Colostrum Odyssey
Elizabeth's review of colostrum supplements - and recommendation for two companies: Immune Tree and Synertek.
Taijitu Shuo
An introduction to eight important Taoist visual symbols: the Yin-Yang symbol, the Taijitu, the Five-Elements chart, the Ba Gua, the Lo Pan compass, the He Tu and Luo Sho charts, the Neijing Tu, and the Guodian bamboo strips. Page 2.
Five Element Chart
An introduction to eight important Taoist visual symbols: the Yin-Yang symbol, the Taijitu, the Five-Elements chart, the Ba Gua, the Lo Pan compass, the He Tu and Luo Sho charts, the Neijing Tu, and the Guodian bamboo strips. Page 3.
Stage One Of Qi Cultivation: Discovering Our Qi
The first step for a qigong practitioner is to discover qi - to establish a direct awareness of the presence of life-force energy within our bodymind.
Guide Review: EarthCalm Infinity Home EMF...
A guide review of EarthCalm's Scalar Home Protection System, which offers state-of-the-art EMF protection for your entire living-space, and all the people within it. The device plugs into any electrical outlet and -- via its scalar resonance technology -- modulates the AC electrical current in such a way as to support the body's connection with the electro-magnetic field of the Earth.
The Taoist Eight Immortals
An introduction to Taoism's
The Taoist Altar
Each object on a Taoist altar represents an aspect of Taoist practice or Taoist cosmology. This article explores the symbolic meaning of a standard Taoist altar.
: The Chinese word "Pu" is often translated as "the uncarved block," and refers to a state of pure potential
Guodian Bamboo Strips
An introduction to eight important Taoist visual symbols: the Yin-Yang symbol, the Taijitu, the Five-Elements chart, the Ba Gua, the Lo Pan compass, the He Tu and Luo Sho charts, the Neijing Tu, and the Guodian bamboo strips. Page 8.
Taoist Sage Zhuangzi's Butterfly Dream &...
Robert E. Allison begins his exploration of Chuang-tzu’s Butterfly Dream anecdote by presenting two frequently used interpretive frameworks
What Is The Microcosmic Orbit? - Ren & Du...
In the Microcosmic Orbit qigong practice, we learn to circulate our qi in a continuous circular pathway joining the Ren and the Du meridians. Here's a simple, enjoyable version of this classic qigong practice.
Taoist Poetry
Poetry has played an important role in Taoist practice - as a cultural expression of the Taoist aesthetic of simplicity and harmony, as well as a form of practice in and of itself.
Traditional Chinese Medicine & Five Element...
What is the difference between a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Five Element approach to practicing Chinese Medicine?
Nourish Snow Mountain/Golden Urn: Our Energetic...
The energetic center which in Tibetan Yoga is called Snow Mountain, and in Taoist practice is referred to as the Golden Urn, is one of the most important physical/energetic “spaces” in qigong/Inner Alchemy traditions.
Taoist Flower Gazing Meditation
An introduction to the beautiful practice of Taoist Flower Gazing.
An Introduction To Chinese Herbal Medicine
An introduction to Chinese Herbal Medicine which - along with acupuncture, tuina, qigong and dietary therapy - form the core of Chinese Medicine.
Qi (Chi): Various Forms Used In Qigong &...
Explores the various forms of qi (chi) found within the human body, as used by acupuncturists and qigong/Inner Alchemy practitioners.
Shaolin & Wudang Styles Of Kung Fu: A...
A introduction to and comparison between Shaolin external martial arts and Wudang internal martial arts.
EarthCalm EMF Protection: For A Healthy Home...
EarthCalm EMF protection products for a healthy home & balanced body-mind: benefits, research & reviews. Learn why protection from man-made EMFs is essential in today's world, and how EarthCalm's state-of-the-art technology can help by providing scientifically-proven products to keep you safe, both in your home and on-the-go. Excellent support for meditation, yoga, qigong and martial arts practice!
The Three Treasures of Taoism
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Introduction To The Governing Vessel - Du...
An introduction to the Governing Vessel (aka Du Mai or Du Meridian) -- the most yang of the body's meridians.
Colostrum FAQ
What is colostrum? What are its benefits? - and other frequently asked questions about supplementing with bovine (cow) colostrum.
Order Tonic Gold Alchemical Elixir
Tonic Gold is a potent alchemical formula, produced in India by the Hermetic alchemist Petri Murien. It's benefits are many, and I recommend it highly as powerful support for qigong, yoga and meditation practice, as well as for general good health.
Wuji (Wu Chi)
A brief definition of Wuji. Taoism.
He Tu & Luo Shu Diagrams
An introduction to eight important Taoist visual symbols: the Yin-Yang symbol, the Taijitu, the Five-Elements chart, the Ba Gua, the Lo Pan compass, the He Tu and Luo Shu diagrams, the Neijing Tu, and the Guodian bamboo strips. Page 6.
Chakras & Dantians
What is the relationship between chakras and dantians?
Simple Taoist Lifestyle Recommendations
The choices that we make moment to moment are the essence of Taoist practice. Here are some daily and yearly patterns that I've found to be supportive of my practice, and which have been recommended by the great Masters of the past, also!
Meditation To Develop The Witness Consciousness
Important to the practice of Taoist (as well as Buddhist and many other) forms of meditation is the cultivation of Witness Consciousness, or the energy of Mindfulness - the capacity to observe the contents of our mind, without identifying with them. Here's a simple practice to support you in developing the Witness Consciousness.
Gift! - Practitioner’s Rate On Immune...
How To Receive A Practitioner’s Rate On Immune Tree Colostrum.
Great Taoism Books For Beginners
An introduction to nine great books for the beginning Taoist practitioner -- and wonderful also for those with more experience!
Pulse Reading In Chinese Medicine
An introduction to the art and science of pulse reading in Chinese Medicine.
How To Practice The White Skeleton Visualization
An introduction to one version of the Taoist White Skeleton Visualization.
Hun & Po: The Ethereal & Corporeal Soul In...
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Gender & The Tao
An exploration of various aspects of gender in the philosophy and practice of Taoism.
Heaven in the Palm of Your Hand: A Taoist...
In this beautiful qigong visualization practice, we invite the energy of Heaven - all the stars and galaxies - into the palm of our hand, circulate it through our heart-center, and direct it finally into our lower dantian. Wonderful!
Tai Hsi - Taoist Embryonic Breathing
An introduction to Taoist Embryonic Breathing (Tai Hsi).
Practice Notes: Awareness & The Body
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Cartoons What
Stage Three Of Qi Cultivation: Circulating Our Qi
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Once you’ve discovered
Mid-Autumn Festival - Zhongqiu Jie
The Mid-Autumn Festival (Zhongqiu Jie) is a traditional Chinese holiday and Taoist festival that is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, around the time of the autumn equinox.
The Three Purities
The Three Purities are the highest deities in the Taoist pantheon.
What Is Colostrum?
What is colostrum, and why would I want to supplement with it?
Qi Emission (Fa Gong) & Distance Qigong...
What is qigong healing? (Also known as Fa Gong, qi-emission, energy-healing & distance-healing)
Kan & Li Practices: Alchemy Of Fire &...
An introduction to Kan & Li (Water & Fire) Inner Alchemy practices -- through which an Immortal Fetus is formed.
The Shamanic Origins of Taoism
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >The beginnings
Colostrum Components
An introduction to some of colostrum's many beneficial components, including Growth Factors and Immunoglobulins.
The Dantian are the main locations where qi is gathered and transformed.
Taoist Precepts
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >The following
Acupressure Treasures: Yin Tang
An introduction to Yin Tang - gateway into the Upper Dantian, home of shen/spirit. Includes acupressure instruction.
Five-Element Generating (Sheng) & Control...
An introduction to the Five-Element Generating (Sheng) and Control (Ke) cycles.
Guide Review: EarthCalm Nova Resonator Pendant,...
A Guide Review of EarthCalm's Scalar Resonator -- state of the art protection from man-made EMF's. The Scalar Resonator is worn as a necklace and, via it's scalar resonance technology, supports the body in re-establishing a grounding in the Earth's electro-magnetic field, which allows the immune system and meridian systems to function as self-healing mechanisms.
Taoist Cosmology - An Overview
Taoism's story of the origin of the universe.
Acupuncture Yuan Source Points
An introduction to and listing of the Yuan Source Points used in the practice of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.
Alchemy In Taoist Practice
Introduces the two main forms - internal and external - that alchemy practice has taken in Taoism.
Is Enlightenment An Experience?
Is Enlightenment an experience? Is it separate from experience? This essay explores these and similar questions, in light of the work of a couple of contemporary Advaita Vedanta teachers.
Buddhist Mindfulness Training & Qigong Practice
There is a deep link between the experience of impermanence in Buddhist Mindfulness training and the concept of Qi as used in East Asian medicine and martial arts. This article explores these connections.
Acupressure Treasures - Feng Chi - Gallbladder 20
An introduction to Feng Chi - Gallbladder 20 - for acupressure useful in resolving common ailments of the head and neck.
Shangqing Taoism
Shangqing Taoism is the most mystical of Taoism's lineages, and includes practices such as spirit-travel and communication with the deities residing in the organs of the body, as well as in the stars and galaxies.
Introduction To The Conception Vessel -- Ren...
An introduction to the Conception Vessel (aka Ren Mai or Ren Meridian) -- the most yin of the body's meridians.
The Lantern Festival
An illustrated tour through a Chinese New Year's celebration (also known as the Spring Festival) - from Rice Porridge Day through the Lantern Festival. Page 11.
Acupressure Treasures: Hui Yin - Ren 1
A qigong acupressure practice to activate and balance Hui Yin - the first point on the Ren meridian.
Practice "Healing Sounds" Qigong To Transform...
A simple Taoist qigong practice to transform fear into nourishment for our inherent wisdom and child-like wonder.
Acupressure Treasures: Bai Hui - Hundred...
An introduction to Bai Hui - the 20th point on the Governing Vessel, on the crown of the head.
Help Along The Way: The Importance Of Taoist...
An overview of various kinds of external support available to us as we engage with our chosen forms of Taoist practice.
Introduction to Laozi - the Founder of Taoism
The founder of Taoism is the historical/legendary Laozi.
Stage Five Of Qi Cultivation – Directing Qi
When our body is healthy, it has the capacity to heal itself. When dis-ease is more extreme, we can consciously direct qi to reestablish health and harmony
Acupuncture & The Emotional Freedom...
What's the relationship between acupuncture and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) -- also known as
Colostrum For Enhanced Immunity, Healthy Skin...
Review of Synertek Colostral Skin Serum, Synertek Organic Herbal Tooth Powder, and Immune Tree LimuZ6 -- three great colostrum products.
Double Ninth Festival - Ching Yang Jie
Double Ninth Day (Chong Yang Jie) is a traditional Chinese holiday and Taoist festival celebrated on the 9th day of the 9th lunar month – hence its name.
Sushumna Nadi - Chong Mai
An introduction to the Sushumna Nadi or Chong Mai, in relation to Taoist yoga.
Acupressure Treasures: Tai Yang
How to apply acupressure at Tai Yang, to resolve headaches and eye-strain.
Baibai: Offering Incense to the Altar
The practice of Baibai - offering incense to the altar - is central to ceremonial forms of Taoism.
Stage Six Of Qi Cultivation: Conserving Our Qi
Like money in a savings account, it's important to learn how to conserve our qi, in order to accumulate a surplus of this life-force energy.
Fun With Mirrors: Images Of Awakened Mind
A playful-serious exploration of mirror imagery used to represent the qualities of the Mind of Tao.
Taoism History and Major Events in Chinese...
A brief history of the major events of Taoism, traced through China's dynasties.
Tomb Sweeping Day - Qing Ming Jie - Clear...
Tomb Sweeping Day, or Clear Bright Festival (Qing Ming Jie) is a traditional Chinese festival and Taoist holiday, celebrated on the 15th day after the Spring Equinox.
Acupuncture Xi Cleft Points
Xi Cleft points are where the qi and blood of a meridian pool.
Major Taoist Holidays in 2014
A listing of major Taoist holidays in 2014, with both lunar and Gregorian/solar dates.
Stage Four Of Qi Cultivation: Purifying Qi
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Dragon Boat Festival - Duanwu Jie
The Dragon Boat Festival, or Duanwu Jie, is a traditional Chinese festival and Taoist holiday that falls on fifth day of the fifth lunar month – and hence is also known as Double Fifth Day.
EarthCalm Wireless EMF Protection: Quantum Cell...
A guide review of EarthCalm's Wireless EMF Protection products - the Quantum Cell and Torus - which offer high-tech protection from the high-frequency (microwave) EMF's emitted from your cell phone, laptop, tablet or iPhone. With the devices installed, cell phones and laptops create a healing field of energy, which supports the body in remaining grounded in the Earth's resonant field, allowing the immune system and meridian systems to function properly, as self-healing mechanisms.
Major Taoist Holidays in 2013
A listing of major Taoist holidays in 2013, with both lunar and Gregorian/solar dates.
Moola Bandha: The Master Key
An introduction to the practice of Moola Bandha, which awakens the energy of the Snow Mountain/Golden Urn area at the base of the spine.
Taoism & Sexual Energy
The role that sexual energy plays in formal Taoist practice is quite unique, and perhaps very different from how you're used to thinking about and relating to sexual energy ...
Pancha Klesha - The Five Hindrances
An introduction to the pancha klesha - the five hindrances as articulated in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. Includes a discussion of Samkhya vs. Taoist understandings of the human body.
Acupressure Treasures: Nei Guan -- Pericardium 6
An introduction to Nei Guan, the sixth point on the Pericardium meridian, including acupressure technique and point location.
Guide Review - David Loy's "Nonduality: A Study...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >I love that David
Qigong Self-Massage For Breast Health &...
A simple qigong self-massage practice that's a wonderful way for women to support breast health and balance the endocrine system.
Masks that conceal and masks that reveal ...
Nei-yeh -- Inner Cultivation
Introduction to the Nei-yeh -- a Taoist scripture translated into English by Harold Roth.
Stage Seven & Eight Of Qi Cultivation:...
Stages seven and eight of the ten stages of qi cultivation focus on the unfolding of our deepest spiritual potentials.
The Search for Immortality in Taoism
An exploration of Taoist Immortality, and its relation to the Christian Gospel Story and Esoteric Stages of Initiation.
Qigong - What Is It?
Practices whose aim is to cultivate life-force energy (qi) are known as qigong.
Acupressure Treasures - He Gu - Large Intestine 4
How to use self-massage qigong acupressure at He Gu - the fourth point on the Large Intestine meridian - to relieve common ailments such as headache, toothache, sore throat, eye pain, neck pain and constipation.
De (Te)
: The power or virtue that a Taoist practitioner attains, as they align themselves with the rhythms of
Along with Laozi (Lao Tzu) and Liezi (Lieh Tzu), Zhuangzi (Chuang Tzu) is one of philosophical Taoism's most important figures.
Qi (Chi)
Qi is life-force energy. Taoism.
What is formalism? And what does it have to do with Taoism and other nondual spiritual traditions?
Healthy Skin - A Home Medicine Chest For...
The skin is the largest organ of our body -- and vitally important, in many ways, to our health. Here are some tips for maintaining healthy and radiantly beautiful skin.
Wudang Kung Fu
An introduction to the internal martial arts tradition of China's Wudang Temple.
Budwig Protocol: Delicious Goat-Milk Version
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >In The Budwig
The practice of Inner Alchemy. Taoism.
Eight Inspirational Books To Awaken & Enrich...
Short reviews of eight (Taoist and related) books that have had a profound effect on my life, including the work of Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Shunryu Suzuki and Paramahamsa Yogananda.
Old Taoist Priest
A look at the many faces of Taoist practice, including ceremonial Taoism, the internal and external martial arts, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, Taoist divination techniques such as Fengshui and I-Ching, Taoist arts such as haiku, Taoist symbols such as the Yin-Yang symbol and the Nei Jing Tu, and Taoist Inner Alchemy (Neidan) practice. Page 13.
Stage Nine & Ten Of Qi Cultivation:...
In stage nine and ten, we reach the culmination of our qi-cultivation journey. We are open full to the flow of Universal qi, and can now be of service to our fellow humans.
Kan & Li Practice: Alchemy Of Fire &...
An introduction to Kan & Li (Water & Fire) Inner Alchemy practices -- through which an Immortal Fetus is formed. Page 2.
Happiness In Taoist Practice - Booster Engines...
An exploration of two different kinds of happiness, that we can access via Taoist practice.
Chinese New Year 2015 ~ Year of the Sheep
An illustrated tour through a Chinese New Year's celebration (also known as the Spring Festival) - from Rice Porridge Day through the Lantern Festival.
Profile of Immortal Woman He (Xian Gu)
An introduction to He Xian Gu - the only woman of the Taoist Eight Immortals.
The Completely/Perfectly Existent Nature
An introduction to the Completely or Perfectly Existent Nature -- one of Three Natures of Existence useful in understanding Taoist Visualization Practice.
Sacred Mountains of Taoism
A visual introduction to some of China's most spectacularly beautiful mountain peaks and passes, with an emphasis on those sacred to Taoist practitioners.
Healthy Eating For The Holidays (& Every...
What's the best diet for a Taoist practitioner? This index of articles addresses this question, from a variety of perspectives.

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