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The Acupuncture Meridian Clock

How Qi Flows Through The Twelve Main Meridians


An acupuncturist applies needles to a patient.
Heath Korvola
This chart illustrates the flow of qi (life-force energy) through the meridians during the 24 hours of the day. Acupuncturists use this information diagnostically, as well as to determine the optimal time for treating specific imbalances.

Acupuncture Meridian Clock

Yin Meridians Yang Meridians
3-5am: Lung (hand Taiyin) 5-7am: Large Intestine (hand Yangming)
9-11am: Spleen (foot Taiyin) 7-9am: Stomach (foot Yangming)
11am-1pm: Heart (hand Shaoyin) 1-3pm: Small Intestine (hand Taiyang)
5-7pm: Kidney (foot Shaoyin) 3-5pm: Urinary Bladder (foot Taiyang)
7-9pm: Pericardium (hand Jueyin) 9-11pm: Triple Burner (hand Shaoyang)
1-3am: Liver (foot Jueyin) 11pm-1am: Gallbladder (foot Shaoyang)

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