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Daode Jing

The Daode Jing (Tao Te Ching) is Taoism's most well-known and highly-revered text. As legend has it, the 81 verses of the Daode Jing were spoken by Laozi to a gate-keeper on China's western frontier, in response to the request that - as a parting gift - he share in words the fruits of his spiritual awakening.
  1. Dwight Goddard Translation (2)
  2. James Legge Translation (2)
  3. Lionel Giles Translation (3)

175 Translations of Daode Jing, Chapter 1
Enjoy this plethora of translations of the first verse of Laozi's Daode Jing.

Versions of the Daode Jing
Over eighty (English and other) translations of the Daode Jing, with the capacity for online comparisons. Excellent resource!

Translations of the Daode Jing & other texts
Explore various translations of the Daode Jing.

James Legge's Translation of the Daode Jing
The presentation of this translation is quite lovely ...

Comparative Daode Jing
What's excellent about this site is that you can select two different translations, and view them simultaneously.

Guodian Laozi: The Daode Jing on Bamboo Slips
The so-called "Guodian Laozi" is a copy of the Daode Jing written on bamboo slips, which was discovered in 1993, in a tomb in Guodian (Hubei province). Very cool!

More Daode Jing Translations
Here's Charles Muller's translation, along with four others. Interesting to compare!

Introduction to the Daode Jing
A nice narrative introduction to the Daode Jing, with suggestions for specific translations.

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