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Qigong & Chinese Medicine

The meaning of the word "qigong" can be found in its two parts: "qi" is life-force - what makes us alive instead of dead; and "gong" means cultivation. Qigong practices, then, involve the cultivation - the strengthening and balancing - of our life-force. Chinese Medicine is qigong's companion system: used also to bring our life-force into a greater harmony, and hence prevent or cure dis-ease.
  1. Acupressure Treasures (11)
  2. Herbal Medicine & Diet (274)
  3. Internal Alchemy (14)
  4. Snow Mountain (1)
  5. Stages Of Qi Cultivation (9)
  6. The Five Elements (4)
  7. The Meridian System (9)

Gift! - Practitioner’s Rate On Immune Tree Colostrum
How To Receive A Practitioner’s Rate On Immune Tree Colostrum.

How Does Qigong Work?
An exploration of the mechanisms of qigong practice.

Benefits Of Qigong
Qigong practice has many benefits: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Introduction To The Governing Vessel - Du Meridian
An introduction to the Governing Vessel (aka Du Mai or Du Meridian) -- the most yang of the body's meridians.

Introduction To The Conception Vessel -- Ren Meridian
An introduction to the Conception Vessel (aka Ren Mai or Ren Meridian) -- the most yin of the body's meridians.

The Budwig Protocol – External Alchemy At Its Best
The Budwig Protocol - with its strong track record for alleviating a host of chronic, degenerative diseases - is a great example of external alchemy.

Tai Hsi - Taoist Embryonic Breathing
An introduction to Taoist Embryonic Breathing (Tai Hsi).

Budwig Protocol - Elizabeth's Fruit & Nut & Superfood Variation
An elegant and delicious variation of the Budwig Protocol cottage cheese and flaxseed oil mixture.

Pulse Reading In Chinese Medicine
An introduction to the art and science of pulse reading in Chinese Medicine.

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Five Element Styles of Practice
What is the difference between a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Five Element approach to practicing Chinese Medicine?

What is acupuncture? What does it feel like to receive a treatment?

Gua Sha
Gua Sha is an Oriental medical practice for removing blood stagnation from surface tissues of the body.

video: Qigong as a Healing Art with Master Gu
A very clear introduction to the practice of Qigong as a Healing Art.

Qigong Demonstration by John Chang
Demonstration by an acupuncturist/qigong Master of some little-known human capabilities ... the result of many years of Taoist meditation practice.

The fangshi were Han Dynasty "masters of formulae" -- Taoist healers/magicians who traveled throughout China, offering their services for pay.

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