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Guide Review: EarthCalm's Scalar Resonator

State Of The Art Protection From Manmade EMF's


Guide Review: EarthCalm's Scalar Resonator

Scalar Home Protection System

The Harmful Effects Of AC Electrical Grids

But back to resonance. One real problem with the AC electrical grids that most of our homes operate on, is that these grids resonate at 50-60Hz, which is close enough to the range of our human nervous system's resonant frequency (4-15Hz) to allow for vibratory communication to be established. What this means is that we incorporate those frequencies into our human bodymind, i.e. that we are continuously incorporating biologically meaningless and chaotic frequencies. (Instead of resonating with a spiritual Master or powerful healer, we end up resonating with our clock-radio, microwave and refrigerator.) This creates stress on our system, as it expends energy attempting to relate to these “biologically meaningless” frequencies. The stress hormones produced by our bodies, over an extended period of time, erode the immune system. In short: The AC grid in our homes creates a constant electromagnetic distortion of our nervous system, as well as (in small or large ways) paralyzing our acupuncture meridian system - our body’s electrically-based healing mechanism.

Why is going off into a forest or mountain hermitage so healing and supportive of our qigong or meditation practice? For one, we’re able then to resonate with the mountains and rivers and forests. And the solitude, for sure, is in and of itself a healing balm. But in addition, and perhaps most importantly, when we’re in an “off-grid” mountain hut, we’re away from the AC grid and other EMF pollution -- so our nervous system is able, quite naturally, to reestablish its resonance with the earth.

What happens when our bodies establish resonance, not with the earth, but rather with the AC system of our house wiring? It’s not a pretty picture:

“When resonance is established between the house wiring and your nervous system, spinning ions, such as calcium, potassium, sodium and lithium, which normally govern cell metabolism, are kicked out of the cells into the bloodstream, where they are deposited in the joints or are eliminated. Calcium, potassium and lithium are ions that, in addition to establishing cell metabolism, also govern calmness, mental clarity and mood stabilization. Accumulation of calcium in the joints has been related to arthritis; lack of potassium is related to Alzheimers; and the lack of lithium is related to chronic depression and mood swings.”

Wearing a Scalar Resonator and/or using EarthCalm’s Scalar Home Protection System (a device that’s simply plugged into one of the outlets) offers the support our bodymind's need to maintain our resonance with the earth, instead of being drawn into the vibratory field of the AC system of our home. Using the EarthCalm Quantum Cell and/or Omega Wifi allows us to transform toxic wireless EMF’s into a healing bubble that surrounds us while we’re on the phone or working at our computer.

Scalar Resonance Technology

The science behind the EarthCalm Products is fascinating, and I encourage you to read their Technology Q & A page for a more detailed introduction to it; and/or to read one of the books they recommend: Robert Becker’s Electric Body and Cross Currents and Mark Clement’s The Waves that Heal. Here I’ll say just a few words about the scalar resonance technology -- from which the Scalar Resonator draws its name.

The circuits used in the Scalar Resonator and other EarthCalm products - and this is a very cool thing - utilize geometric shapes similar to those relevant to our largest contexts: the sphere (the shape of earth), the torus (the shape of earth’s EMF field), and the spiral (the path of the earth traveling through space). The Scalar Resonance technology, then “is the process whereby each EarthCalm circuit is matched to its mirror circuit, which exponentially increases resonance to the earth.” The geometric circuits act like antennae which mirror the electromagnetic structure of the earth.

Emanating from these mirrored circuits are what are called scalar waves:

“A scalar wave is by definition a wave that is exactly matched by another wave, i.e. has the same frequency and the same height or amplitude but has the opposite direction, such that one wave exactly cancels out the other. Imagine two waves in a pond of the same frequency and amplitude but coming from different directions. When they meet in the middle of the pond they cancel each other out. One might see a flat area in the middle of the pond where the two opposing twin waves met. The result however is not zero, but rather another dimension that is accessed.”

[Does this last sentence remind you of Polarity Processing?]

When the right and left hemispheres of the human brain are in balance, for instance, scalar waves are generated, which then open access to higher dimensions of functioning. (Hence the power and popularity of Holosync or Superbrain Yoga and similar techniques for supporting right/left-brain balance.) More generally, a perfectly balanced nervous system, i.e. a spinal column/cord free from right/left distortions, generates scalar waves. When we’re functioning from this kind of balanced state, we’re naturally more grounded to the earth’s vibratory field, and less susceptible to the detrimental effects of manmade EMF’s. Any practice -- e.g. qigong, yoga, meditation -- which supports this kind of nervous system balance, will -- aside from its other benefits -- tend to protect us from chaotic and disorganizing vibratory fields.

But until our practice has taken us to a relatively high level, in which we’re able, on our own, to maintain a strong connection to the earth’s resonant field, despite the sea of manmade EMF’s in which most of us live -- products such as the Scalar Resonator can act as wonderful supports, and are therefore excellent investments, for us as practitioners.

EarthCalm product descriptions, specific health benefits & links to purchase

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