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Lab-Grown Diamonds & The Immortal Body

Transforming Carbon To Crystalline In Diamond Labs & Taoist Inner Alchemy


Sonopuncture – Ultrasonic Acupuncture

In a form of acupuncture known as sonopuncture, ultrasonic stimulation is applied to classical acupuncture points. This is accomplished via either tuning forks or a device called a sonicator, which employs a crystalline transducer to focus high-frequency sound waves into the region of skin overlying the acupoints. The effects are similar to those accomplished via classical acupuncture: a balancing of the flow of qi (life-force energy) through the meridians, which supports the resolution of dis-ease and enhances physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Diamonds & The Dantian

In relation to crystals in the cubic system, which include diamonds, Mr. Gerber notes that they are “natural energy amplifiers,” and also:

“Crystals of the cubic system have an energy pattern that can assist in the repair of damaged cellular structures, from the molecular level of DNA on up to the bones of the skeletal system. The cubic system also tends to resonate most with the sacral chakra in the human subtle energetic anatomy.”

The sacral chakra is the location of what in Taoist practice is called the lower dantian – the foundational energy center which is cultivated in all qigong and Inner Alchemy practice. While wearing a diamond is not going to exempt us from the need to engage in qigong and meditation practice to build the energy of the dantian, it can be a wonderful support – a tool for amplifying the benefits of our practice.

DNA To Diamonds

Of the handful of laboratories producing cultured diamonds, one that stands out as particularly interesting is DNA2Diamonds, which uses “personal” carbon atoms extracted from a hair sample or cremated ashes. In other words, the lab-grown diamond ends up containing the DNA of a specific person (or pet) – very cool!

Other labs currently producing cultivated diamonds include: Gemesis, New Age Diamonds, Apollo Diamonds, Lucent Diamonds, and Chatham. Created-Diamonds.com is an excellent online source for diamonds created by several of these different labs.

So if you're going to invest in a diamond -- for its metaphoric, practice-related, healing or purely ornamental value -- I encourage you to consider one that is lab-grown. It's better for the earth; better for the mining-industry workers; better for your pocket-book (they tend to be less expensive); and can serve as a beautiful reminder of the potent alchemy that takes place, in Taoist practice, within the laboratory of our precious human bodymind.

Purchasing A Diamond – Marriage Of Beauty & Humanity

Gentle incentives to make a choice in alignment with personal and planetary wellbeing:

* Mention the code “ER38A” to receive a 15% discount at DNA2Diamonds.

* Include the comment “5% discount thanks to Elizabeth” at Created-Diamonds to receive 5% off of your total purchase. Enjoy!

May all beings be safe;
May all beings be happy;
May all beings be healthy;
May all beings experience the ease of wellbeing.

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