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Taoism's Relationship With Other Religions

What kinds of links - in theory and/or practice - does Taoism have with other spiritual traditions?
  1. Advaita Vedanta (11)
  2. Buddhism (20)
  3. Christianity (6)
  4. Confucianism (3)
  5. New Physics (18)
  6. Shamanism (5)
  7. The Master Key (13)
  8. Western Philosophy (7)
  9. Yoga/Kashmir Shaivism (17)

The Finger & The Moon: Metaphoric & Literal Truth In Taoist Cosmology
A playful-serious exploration of the relationship between metaphoric and literal truth, in Taoism, Christianity and Buddhism.

Zeno's Paradox & The Yin/Yang Symbol
An exploration of the relationship between Zeno's Paradox, Thompson's Lamp and the Yin/Yang Symbol - fun!

Getting Real: Daode Jing & The Names Of God
Verse one of the Daode Jing states that the "Tao that can be named is not the eternal Tao." Yet in so many spiritual traditions we find the practice of chanting the Name of the Divine, as a way of contacting directly that Divine. Are these two views as contradictory as they seem?

Video: Buddhism, Taoism & Confucianism in China
This 17-minute video provides an excellent introduction to China's three traditional schools of thought, complete with footage from Chinese temples and images of traditional paintings & statuary. Highly recommended!

Religion & Philosophy in China
An excellent overview of the influence of Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam in China's history - including a bit about the effects of the Cultural Revolution on their practice.

Chinese Religious Concepts, With Calligraphy
A very lovely introduction to some basic Chinese religious concepts, drawn from Buddhism & Confucianism, as well as Taoism. Includes the Chinese characters for words like "tao" and "qi" and "spirit."

video: The Genius Of India
A powerful video rendering of an essay by the Indian philosopher-sage Sri Aurobindo. Here, we see that the essence of mystical Realization of the Indian Masters is identical to that of their Chinese counterparts. The yogic practices, also, are similar. What is different are the aesthetics: the Chinese a restrained simplicity, the Indian quite effusive!

Daoist Alchemy in the West: The Esoteric Paradigms
A well-researched comparative-historical look at Daoism through the lens of the Western Esoteric/Hermetic traditions; and in relation to various psychological & philosophical streams.

Deepak Chopra: The Way of the Wizard
"The Wizard possesses the secret of Immortality." So begins Deepak Chopra, in this beautiful presentation of the Perennial Philosophy - the essence of all mystical paths. Enjoy!

"The Unmoving Center In Your Being"
This short video on the practice of Sufi Whirling describes beautifully the use of moving meditation forms - so common to Taoist practice - as a tool for accessing the "Unmoving Center" of our Being. "The essence of whirling is no movement" ... just as the essence of taiji or qigong forms is stillness.

Asian Classics Input Project
An organization devoted to preserving great Eastern spiritual texts in digital form.

Tai Situ Rinpoche: "Be Happy!"
Common to Buddhism and Taoism is a belief in our innate goodness, and the understanding that all perceived problems are merely temporary ... Bookmark This!!!

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