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Key Historical Figures & The Taoist Pantheon

From its founder - Laozi - to the poet/philosopher/trickster Zhuangzi, to Lu Dong Bin and the other "Immortals," to its numerous Masters of Internal Alchemy, to its host of Deities - Taoism sports a fascinating array of well-known and lesser-known adepts; as well as an elaborate ceremonial Pantheon.
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Laozi - The Founder Of Taoism
The founder of Taoism is the historical/legendary Laozi.

Along with Laozi (Lao Tzu) and Liezi (Lieh Tzu), Zhuangzi (Chuang Tzu) is one of philosophical Taoism's most important figures.

The Eight Immortals Of Taoism
An introduction to Taoism's "Eight Immortals."

The Three Purities
The Three Purities are the highest deities in the Taoist pantheon.

The Taoist Altar
Each object on a Taoist altar represents an aspect of Taoist practice or Taoist cosmology.

Major Festivals of Taoist Deities
Tai-shang Lao-chun (the deified Laozi); the Jade Emperor; Weng-chang Ti-chun - patron of the arts & literature; Immortal Lu Dong Bin - patriarch of Internal Alchemy: These are just a few among the many Taoist Deities honored with yearly festivals and/or ceremonies in Taoist temples ...

Illustrated Intro To Taoist Deities & Immortals
An excellent introduction to the principle Deities and Immortals in the Taoist pantheon, with some beautiful visual representations of them. Nice!

Map of Laozi's Birthplace & Daode Jing Composition
A modern map of China showing several Taoist Sacred Sites for pilgrimage, including the birthplace of Laozi, and the place where Laozi dictated the Daode Jing to the gatekeeper.

Unnamed Taoist Priest
Check out the joyful-serene expression on the face of this Taoist priest - over a hundred years old when the photo was taken! Though the Taoist pantheon is rich with Deities, Immortals, Priests, Philosophers and Inner Alchemists whose names have been recorded by history, there are countless "unnamed" Taoist hermits who also play an important role in the unfolding of the Taoist path.

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