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Guide Review: EarthCalm's Scalar Home Protection System

Protection From Man-Made EMF's


Guide Review: EarthCalm's Scalar Home Protection System

Scalar Home Protection System

EarthCalm's Scalar Resonator & Home Protection System

A while back I reviewed EarthCalm’s Scalar Resonator – a Jedi lightsaber qua elegant sterling silver necklace-like device that I ended up liking enough to purchase one myself. I wear it pretty much all of the time, and love the grounding, calming effect that it has on my nervous system.

More recently, I’ve been test-driving EarthCalm’s Scalar Home Protection System, and finding it equally excellent. While the Scalar Resonator is worn as a pendant, and so goes with you everywhere that your body goes, the Scalar Home Protection System is designed to be plugged into an electrical outlet, where it can interface with the AC electrical system of your entire house or apartment. The advantage is that you don’t have to wear it, and that everyone living in the house benefits equally, and continuously, from the Scalar Home Protection System. The disadvantage, in comparison to the Scalar Resonator, is that every time you leave your house, you also step outside of the resonant field of protection generated by the Home Protection System.

A Field Of Comfort, Ease & Wellbeing

My personal experience with the Scalar Home Protection System: Moments after I plugged the device into one of the outlets in my home, I felt myself breathing more deeply than I had been – a sense of my lungs and entire ribcage area opening, as though some long-held tension had just been released. With this came a sweet feeling of contentment, ease and happiness. I smiled, within a feeling that “yes, this is a good thing.” Since I’m already relatively healthy, I progressed fairly quickly through the three stages – designed to gently and gradually acclimate the nervous system to its new and healthier electromagnetic environment.

After several months, it was time for me to either send the Scalar Home Protection System device back to EarthCalm, or to actually purchase it. Since I was feeling a bit pinched for cash, I decided to send it back. The moment that I pulled in out of its electrical socket, I could feel an increase in nervous-system agitation. By later that evening (after I had already gone to the post office, to send it off), the nervous-system agitation had increased to a very uncomfortable level, and it took me nearly three hours to fall asleep (vs. my usual 15-30 minutes). As I was lying there in bed, my eyes wide open, I also noticed that I had a low-grade headache, a low-grade sore throat, a bit of nasal discharge, and a distinct feeling of constriction in my chest, with each breath. The next morning, I woke up still feeling fatigued and agitated, and noticed in addition a low-level aching in my joints.

Well, suffice it to say that it took me less than 48 hours to order a new Home Protection System -- and plan to have it as an ongoing fixture in my living-space, for as long as possible!

How Man-Made EMF's Affect Us

I’ve introduced, in a fair amount of detail, the science and technology behind EarthCalm’s products, in my review of the Scalar Resonator, which I encourage you to check out, if you haven’t already. Here I’ll offer just a brief overview:

Increasingly, we live in a soup of man-made EMF’s – electro-magnetic frequencies generated by our cell phones and other mobile devices, our computers and our televisions, and the AC grids of our homes. These frequencies interact, often detrimentally, with the electro-magnetic functioning of our human bodies, disrupting our nervous system, cellular metabolism and meridian systems. Because these EMF’s are invisible, it’s relatively easy to ignore them, to assume that they either don’t exist at all, or that their presence has no effect upon us as humans. But friends -- nothing could be further from the truth! There’s increasing and fairly incontrovertible scientific evidence that this kind of electro-magnetic environment does indeed impact us, in ways that it would behoove us to pay close attention to, if we wish to regain and/or maintain our vibrant health. Physical, mental and emotional imbalances that have been linked to the disruptive effects of manmade EMFs include: Alzheimer's disease, asthma, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, electro-sensitivity, fibromyalgia, headaches/migraines and high blood pressure. In addition, there's evidence that extended exposure to manmade EMFs significantly decreases our longevity.

How does this happen? Here's one example: the resonant frequency of the AC grids of our homes is close enough to the resonant frequency of our human nervous system, to allow our nervous system to incorporate the electrical information emitted by, say, our refrigerator or our television. In relation to our body’s natural functioning, this new information is basically “meaningless,” i.e. out of sync with or simply irrelevant to the inherent wisdom of our cells and organ systems. The stress created by this kind of electromagnetic distortion – and our body’s attempts to relate to it -- erodes our immune system, increasing the likelihood of all kinds of illnesses:

“When resonance is established between the house wiring and your nervous system, spinning ions, such as calcium, potassium, sodium and lithium, which normally govern cell metabolism, are kicked out of the cells into the bloodstream, where they are deposited in the joints or are eliminated. Calcium, potassium and lithium are ions that, in addition to establishing cell metabolism, also govern calmness, mental clarity and mood stabilization. Accumulation of calcium in the joints has been related to arthritis; lack of potassium is related to Alzheimers; and the lack of lithium is related to chronic depression and mood swings.”

How The Scalar Home Protection System Works

The Scalar Home Protection System – like all of the EarthCalm products – corrects this situation by reestablishing our connection to and grounding in the earth’s electromagnetic field. How does this happen? In a nutshell: subtle information is introduced into the existing AC electrical field of your home, which realigns the human body with the intelligence held within the resonant field of the earth. This is the information that our bodies most deeply need, and experience as the deepest form of nourishment, and support for cellular functioning. It’s a good thing!

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