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EarthCalm Wireless EMF Protection: Omega WiFi & Quantum Cell -- Guide Review

State-Of-The-Art Protection From Man-Made High Frequency (Microwave) EMF's


EarthCalm Wireless EMF Protection: Omega WiFi & Quantum Cell -- Guide Review

EarthCalm Quantum Cell

Already I’ve reviewed two of EarthCalm’s primary EMF protection products: the Scalar Resonator and the Scalar Home Protection system. In those reviews, particularly for the Scalar Resonator, I go into quite a bit of detail re: the technologies being employed by EarthCalm, and their relationship to a qigong or meditation practice. If you have an interest in this aspect of the products (or just want to hear about my personal experience with them) I encourage you to check out these reviews.

Here I’m going to say just a few words about my most recent (and already treasured) EarthCalm acquisitions: the Omega WiFi and the Quantum Cell, both of which serve to ameliorate the harmful effects of the higher-frequency microwave radiation emitted from our WiFi devices, e.g. things like laptops, cell phones and iPhones.

The Omega WiFi is a little device that inserts into an Ethernet or USB port, and modulates the WiFi signal in such a way as to create a bubble of healing energy. Very cool! In the past, I haven’t been able comfortably to work at my laptop -- say, in a cafe -- for more than an hour or so, before the feelings of agitation and head-achey-ness tell me it’s time to stop. Since I began using the Omega WiFi, those feelings of agitation and discomfort are all but gone. I feel energetically at ease while working at my laptop, which is no small thing. (There are, of course, still all kinds of other very good reasons for not spending hours on end in front of a computer, but we’ll save that topic for another essay ....)

I’ve also been using a Quantum Cell device both on the base of my cordless phone (at home), as well as on my cell phone -- and loving the difference that these make, both in my living environment, and via the earth-tuned resonant field that the device creates wherever I carry my cell-phone.

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