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Body Cultivation

One thing that makes Taoism rather unique among the world's spiritual traditions is the strong emphasis it places on physical health. Body cultivation practices such as taiji and qigong are used to create a strong and flexible body-mind, which can then function as a radiant clear "temple" through which spirit/qi/life-force can flow and emanate.

Tonic Gold - Alchemical Supplement With Potable Gold
Tonic Gold is a potent alchemical formula, produced in India by the Hermetic alchemist Petri Murien. It's benefits are many, and a practitioner's discount is available.

The Universe & Me
How qigong and Taoist visualization practice can support fluid notions of "self."

What Is Colostrum?
What is colostrum, and why would I want to supplement with it?

Qigong Windshield-Wiper Twist
A simple exercise to provide structural support for an open flow of life-force energy between the lower and middle dantians.

Qigong Seated Swivel-Twist
A simple exercise to provide structural support for an open flow of life-force energy between the middle and upper dantians.

Taoist Practice & Diet
What's the best diet for a Taoist practitioner? This index of articles addresses this question, from a variety of perspectives.

Qigong Self-Massage For Breast Health & Endocrine Balance
A simple qigong self-massage practice that's a wonderful way for women to support breath health and balance the endocrine system.

Proving Qigong: Who's Zoomin' Who?
What's the relationship between scientific and meditative or introspective ways of knowing? In this essay, we'll explore this question in the context of qigong and Taoist meditation practice.

EarthCalm Wireless EMF Protection: Omega WiFi & Quantum Cell -- Guide Review
A guide review of EarthCalm's Wireless EMF Protection products -- the Omega WiFi & Quantum Cell -- which offer high-tech protection from the high-frequency (microwave) EMF's emitted from your cell phone, laptop and WiFi router. With the devices installed, cell phones and laptops create a healing field of energy, which supports the body in...

Healthy Skin
The skin is the largest organ of our body -- and vitally important, in many ways, to our health. Here are some tips for maintaining healthy and radiantly beautiful skin.

Guide Review: EarthCalm's Scalar Home Protection System
A guide review of EarthCalm's Scalar Home Protection System, which offers state-of-the-art EMF protection for your entire living-space, and all the people within it. The device plugs into any electrical outlet and -- via its scalar resonance technology -- modulates the AC electrical current in such a way as to support the body's connection with...

Saholin Taiji Demonstration
A beautiful taiji demonstration - a form which is sometimes very slow, at other times quite dynamic. Check out the fluidty and ease of movement - so inspiring!

Wudang Kung Fu Yangsheng Gong
A slow and graceful qigong form, performed at Wudang Monastery.

Qigong Demonstration & Instruction
A lovely short video demonstration of one of the many qigong forms; includes instruction on a simple qigong movement to nourish your Spleen/Stomach channel.

Five Animal Frolics Qigong
In this well-known and playful qigong form, we imitate the movements of five animals ...

Qigong Master Showing Us the Power of Chi (Qi)!
It looks like he's doing "nothing" and yet ... the results are quite amazing.

Taoist Master Lu Zijian performing his bagua
This 93-year-old Taoist Master moves with the fluidity of an infant ... a testament to the effectiveness of Taoist long-life practices!

Bagua Training: Movie Clip
Here's a fun film rendering of bagua training. Baguazhang (eight trigrams palm boxing) is a martial arts form said to be the bodliy application of the wisdom of the Yijing (I Ching).

Fantastic Voyage
Remember the movie "Fantastic Voyage," where a submarine and its entire crew were shrunk to a size small enough to enter into the bloodstream of a human body? Well ... there are Taoist meditation and Qigong practices that allow the practitioner to make very similar journeys - just as beautiful (and much less scary :) than those depicted in this movie.

Abdominal Breathing, Reverse Breathing & Vase Breathing
Three simple Taoist breathing practices which nourish the energy of the lower dantian, and are frequent components of qigong practice.

The Microcosmic Orbit
In the Microcosmic Orbit qigong practice, we learn to circulate our qi in a continuous circular pathway joining the Ren and the Du meridians. Here's a simple, enjoyable version of this classic qigong practice.

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