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Stages Of Qi Cultivation

In his book, The Healing Promise Of Qi, Roger Jahnke OMD outlines ten stages through which qigong practice typically evolves. Here we'll use this map as a structure for exploring various facets of qigong practice.

Stage One Of Qi Cultivation: Discovering Our Qi
The first step for a qigong practitioner is to discover qi - to establish a direct awareness of the presence of life-force energy within our bodymind.

Stage Two Of Qi Cultivation: Gathering Qi
In stage two of qi cultivation we learn how to gather qi as nourishment for our bodymind.

Stage Three Of Qi Cultivation: Circulating Our Qi
In stage three of the "ten stages of qi cultivation" we learn how to circulate qi.

Stage Four Of Qi Cultivation: Purifying Qi
In stage four of the "ten stages of qi cultivation" we learn to purify our qi.

Stage Five Of Qi Cultivation – Directing Qi
When our body is healthy, it has the capacity to heal itself. When dis-ease is more extreme, we can consciously direct qi to reestablish health and harmony

Stage Six Of Qi Cultivation: Conserving Our Qi
Like money in a savings account, it's important to learn how to conserve our qi, in order to accumulate a surplus of this life-force energy.

Stage Seven & Eight Of Qi Cultivation: Storing & Transformin Qi
Stages seven and eight of the ten stages of qi cultivation focus on the unfolding of our deepest spiritual potentials.

Stage Nine & Ten Of Qi Cultivation: Dissolving & Transmitting Qi
In stage nine and ten, we reach the culmination of our qi-cultivation journey. We are open full to the flow of Universal qi, and can now be of service to our fellow humans.

Qi Emission (Fa Gong) & Distance Qigong Healing
What is qigong healing? (Also known as Fa Gong, qi-emission, energy-healing & distance-healing)

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