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Internal Alchemy: An Overview - Taoism - About.com
Inner Alchemy or Neidan – a term often used synonymously with Qigong - is the Taoist art and science of gathering, storing and circulating the energies of the ...
Internal Alchemy - Taoism - About.com
In Internal Alchemy, the Taoist practitioner uses their own body as a laboratory, learning how to cultivate and circulate the Three Treasures: Jing (generative ...
Inner Alchemy - Taoism - About.com
Inner Alchemy (also known as Taoist Yoga) is the art and science of transforming the internal energetic substances known as the Three Treasures (jing, qi and ...
Taoist Inner Alchemy: Metaphor & Symbolic Language - Taoism
From Zhuangzi's parables (e.g. the butterfly dream) to Inner Alchemy (neidan) texts, the language employed typically has much more in common with poetry than ...
Inner Alchemy & Transubstantiation - Taoism - About.com
A comparison of the Christian doctrine of Transubstantiation with a Taoist alchemical view of some of the same processes.
Kan & Li Inner Alchemy Practice - Water & Fire Taoist Yoga - Taoism
An introduction to Kan & Li (Water & Fire) Inner Alchemy practices -- through which an Immortal Fetus is formed.
Inner Alchemy & The Science of Compassion - Taoism - About.com
I recently had a big Inner Alchemy “ah-ha” – sparked by the viewing of a couple of amazing video clips of scientist/mystic Gregg Braden. In one interview, Mr.
What Are the Three Treasures in Taoism? - About.com
Practitioners of Inner Alchemy learn to modulate their consciousness along this vibratory spectrum – choosing their frequency in much the same way we might ...
Alchemy In Taoist Practice - Taoism - About.com
Introduces the two main forms - internal and external - that alchemy practice has taken in Taoism.
Neidan - Taoism - About.com
Neidan is the Taoist practice of Inner Alchemy. In Inner Alchemy practice, the human body becomes a laboratory, in which the energetic elixirs of refined Jing,  ...
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