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Elizabeth Reninger

Wavy Space?

By January 17, 2013

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"It is no longer correct to say that we do not have a complete realistic description of physical reality that unites relativity and quantum physics. The wave theory of matter is based on the most simple science foundation for describing physical reality and correctly deduces the laws of Nature."

"From this most simple foundation of plane waves in space naturally creating two different modes of vibration - spherical particle vibrations and complex field vibrations - we can now deduce all of modern physics."

Those are rather bold statements, yes? I must say, however, that -- though I'm a far cry from being able to follow the mathematics in all of its technical detail (see Physical Reality - On Dirac, Quaternions and the Wave Structure of Matter in Space) -- Geoffrey Haselhurst's theory (articulated here in a somewhat less technical way) holds, for me, a deep intuitive appeal. Check it out ....

I've riffed on this a bit, in relation to space metaphors for Awareness, in a new essay: Space - The Final Frontier -- and page two -- ("These are the voyages of the Starship Elizabeth .... " tee hee) -- enjoy!

Also, a nice YouTube clip on Matter As Standing Waves.


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