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What To Do On Your 256th Birthday?

By January 3, 2013

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In a previous post -- on spontaneous healing v. the path of purification -- I mentioned Anita Moorjani, with her miraculous recovery from stage-4 lymphoma. If you haven't already heard this story, or even if you have, here's a new interview with her that's also excellent.

This kind of thing fascinates me: How is it possible? What's going here? Why can't we all do it?  Or can we?

Why does it fascinate me so?  Partly because of how it relates to Taoist notions of immortality: (1) the potential immortality, or at least longevity, of the physical body; and (2) the kind of immortality (the deeper, truer kind, one could say) that has to do with shifting our allegiance to that within us which is always and already immortal, eternal, indestructible.  What's the relationship (if any) between these two forms of immortality?

Li Ching-Yuen -- whose physical life-span has been documented to have exceeded 250 years(!) -- listed "tranquil mind" as a primary ingredient in his recipe for longevity. And my guess is that this tranquil mind was nurtured in large part via qigong and meditation practice which allowed him to know himself directly as the Tao that transcends any particular form. Such knowledge , when deeply integrated, releases one from fear and unnecessary tension -- facilitating an environment most conducive to vibrant health. At least that's my theory :)

My guess is that the extent to which a desire for physical immortality arises out of a fear-based attachment to the physical form (i.e. believing that "who I really am" is this physical body, and so that the death of the body means the total annihilation of "me"), is exactly the extent to which attempts to extend the life of the body will be relatively unsuccessful.

But if the desire is somehow in alignment with a deeper Truth -- and a simple, playful curiosity, or impulse to increase our capacity for comfort and enjoyment -- then why not?

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Croatian healer Braco has an impressive track record, in terms of seemingly-miraculous healings occurring in his Presence. Presumably, the primary mechanism of such radical transformation is some kind of phase-shift into a dimension which transcends Newtonian space/time, and within which a radical reorganization of bodymind patterns can happen instantaneously. And this would accord with the fact that many have received healing remotely: either via live-stream of Braco's gaze, or simply via a photograph, that someone else held up within the gaze, on their behalf.

And yet .... I've experienced Braco both in person and remotely; and can say without a doubt that the in-person experience was by far the more potent. But why would this be? (A question which dovetails with the issue of face-to-face encounters with spiritual Teachers -- how some kind of transmission can happen "in person" that doesn't, generally, happen remotely.)

~ * ~

In any case, such seemingly-miraculous events can challenge, in a profound way, our preconceived ideas of "how the world works" and "what is possible" -- which is a good thing!  For a truly mind-bending experience, within the realm of healing, I'd suggest (if it accords with your intuitive impulses) a session with a Philippine spiritual healer.  Probably good to go with someone who others have had positive experiences with, and  my current recommendation along these lines is Brother Gregorio -- a wonderfully sweet and gentle man, profoundly gifted, who travels widely throughout the U.S.

I once heard a longtime Buddhist practitioner describe their experience of Philippine spiritual healing as being the "gateway into a direct, fully experiential understanding of the emptiness of the physical body."  And I'd have to say that this is true for me also: it becomes extremely difficult to take seriously the notion of the body as a solid, dense entity -- having even once experienced someone reaching into it, as though it were no more dense than soft cookie-dough, or melted butter.


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