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Elizabeth Reninger

Sound & Silence: Braco In NYC

By November 12, 2012

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How excellent to learn that Croatian spiritual-healer Braco has been invited by the United Nations Staff Recreation Council to be a featured guest at an upcoming event in New York City.  Just seems extraordinary to me that someone whose "work" involves no actively-visible "doing" and no audible "speaking" is actually being recognized by such a high-profile and mainstream organization.

Now of course those of us involved in the Taoist arts of taiji, qigong, martial arts, etc. take it for granted that life-force energy (qi/chi) is very "real" indeed, and most are open to the possibility of nonlocal communication.  But for such phenomena to be given credence, even indirectly, via a willingness to honor someone like Braco in this way, is quite a step .... yeah!

As they say -- "the proof is in the pudding" -- and again and again those who have experienced Braco's gift have reported positive transformations, from the small to the large to the seemingly miraculous.

As I understand it, Braco used to speak publicly, but found that his words were so frequently misunderstood, and his message distorted, that he decided that it was best to just do the work, let others report its effects upon them, and keep quiet himself.  This makes him rather unique among both spiritual teachers and  healers, who very often include verbal exchange as an aspect of their work.  In realizing directly that "the Tao that can be spoken is not the Eternal Tao" -- Braco's destiny has been to stand fully within and act as a portal to the never-changing yet ever-flowing Eternal Tao.

Somehow this brings to mind my own tenuous dance with "giving voice" to Truth. How as a poet, I love playing with words -- their rhythms, tones, and conceptual meanings. How many years of academic training have honed an intellect that is in turns useful and not-so-useful:  Manjushri's sword, in one moment clearing the flower-bed of weeds; and in the next moment become the saber of a wayward Samurai; or a slantwise, compensatory source of emotional nourishment, affection and approval.

Yet on the other hand how sinking deep into silence -- for hours, days, or weeks -- say in the context of a meditation retreat, is something I absolutely relish. And how coming back into the "world," after such a time, often leaves me in a place of almost literally not being able to speak -- particularly in contexts in which the words seem to be used in ways utterly disconnected from Truth; or when feeling overwhelmed by the sheer impossibility, yet absolute necessity, of the task.

How what is most meaningful seems almost always to be that which is happening on levels other than the level of spoken words (which, by default, are conceptual) -- and yet how words-as-vibration can indeed be in communion with, say, bodies-as-vibration (e.g. the prana-citta interface) and can be a source of great wisdom, joy and celebration -- when, for instance, flowing through the lips of a world-class singer, or an enlightened sage.

Anyway, what a mystery .... and, bringing it back to Braco, please know that the United Nations event is by invitation only (so no crashing of this party will be permitted :) -- but that he will also be offering public gazing sessions in NYC on November 17th & 18th, so there will be this opportunity to connect, if so inspired.

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