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Elizabeth Reninger

Has Anyone Seen My Horse?

By February 5, 2012

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Whatever men chatter about these days, it is not love's way.

God gave the blind man a stick so that he may grope to a Jesus and gain sight. Look at all the blind men bashing one another with the stick of intellect! Some even swing the stick at He who gave the stick!

How proud they are when they blacken a little page with writing. Their minds are so shabby that they must graft on a hundred other minds to make them work, and this they call 'great learning.'

They elucidate every sort of substance, but of their own substance they are more ignorant than donkeys. All of their sciences together are a little bunch of posies from our garden. All of their thoughts are but husks and leaves on a river of mind that flows from a secret garden.

If the Houri of paradise should nibble his ear, he cries, "Hey, what's hurting my ear?" If the sweet basil touches his face, he brushes it away saying, "Hey, what's bothering me now?" He rides his horse from door to door, asking, "Has anyone seen my horse?"

~ Rumi (trans. Daniel Liebert)


February 14, 2012 at 9:22 pm
(1) Merle says:

I’ve read a lot of Rumi, but I’ve never come across anything like this passage. It seems uncharacteristically harsh. How would Rumi bring the stick-pushing study-obsessed confused person to the Friend? Would he really be so dismissive, so scornful? This citation makes me sad. Perhaps the Tao that can be said is not the Tao, but must we despise those who try to learn and articulate when they stumble off the Path?

February 15, 2012 at 5:57 am
(2) Nando says:

I think that it’s a true description of the state of the man when he is deluded … this is a “blind” condition, that becomes a “stupid” condition when the man has not humility.
A kind spirit does not necessarily be weak in his words … Jesus too said harsh words.
Rumi is very soft when he’s talking of Love, Lover end Beloved, but in this piece he is talking about the true enemy of each living man, his pride. He does not strike his fellow men, he strive to open their eyes …

(please excuse me for my bad english; I hope that the meaning is nevertheless understandable …)
peace and light!

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